Monday, January 13, 2014

HEY! now! you're! an! all! star! *

1. How did you show amusement and variety in your piece? Explain your choice of subject matter and how you created a unified piece of art.
2. Describe your experience with using mixed media. What mixed media did you use for your piece?
3. What role did our lessons on visual journaling play in the success of your piece? Explain.
4. Discuss any challenges you experienced and how you overcame obstacles.

Mixed Muddia
Amusement because the character is daydreaming, thinking about a myriad of pleasing topics. i tried to use tons of color, i didnt want the colors to mix together but i did want them to kind of flow into one another (i didnt want it to look block-y). I picked a bunch of pictures from my textbook or classwork this year which was fun to look through, but all of the little doodles were done prior to this project. visual journaling taught me a lot on how to make it all look like it fits together, not like a bunch of random pieces of paper un-strategically placed. My biggest challenge was actually startuing the project. sorry it is late. love u

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