Thursday, December 5, 2013


1. Who did you choose to do a portrait of? Why did you choose that person?
 Originally i was going 2 do myself and paint it with makeup on a mirror, when i did that i did not like the way it looked one bit so i brainstormed for another idea
2. When brainstorming about this project how did you decide what would be the best materials to use to create it? Explain how your material choice impacted the look of your piece. Why was this so important. Explain.
I decided to use tinfoil in order to create a crumpled feel and crumple up the other faces, it is my face but the problem with tinfoil is that it is not very neat so my project ended up looking very messy :( i still incorporated makeup as well also to enunciate the facial features and as a symbol
3. Describe the risks you took or that were involved in creating the project. What were the challenges you faced?
Big risks with using tinfoil and having a somewhat random background, plus instead of really doing a portrait of one person i tried to capture a concept. i was  also rushed when i did this project since i wasted too mucch time on the makeup portrait.

The crumpling of the tinfoil is to portray the destruction of self image over time, and the makeup is a symbol of how high of a regard beauty is held in this society, amen
i really liked my  idea but i am not totally happy with the way the project turned out aesthetically, i had a different picture in my mind of it i think

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